The Media Resource Centre (mediademocracy.net) is sponsored by the NDP Culture, Media and Communications Caucus. The NDP (New Democratic Party) is Canada's social democratic party

The Media Caucus, or "mcaucus" as it is popularly known, brings together NDP members from across Canada interested in media and cultural issues, most particularly in democratizing the mass media. Issues include ownership and control of the mass media, media bias, media commercialization (most notably of television), alternative media, and the difficulties facing Canadian filmmakers, writers, publishers, artists and performers. A leading objective of the caucus is to give media and cultural matters more prominence in party discussions, and to make media and culture major political and electoral issues in the country.

Mcaucus functions via an email listserv. Because it's a "caucus" within the NDP, albeit an informal one, one must be an NDP member to join. If you are an NDP member and wish to subscribe, just send an email to majordomo@vcn.bc.ca with the following message (no signature): subscribe mcaucus. The list administrator will then get in touch with you. If you're not an NDP member but support the goals of the party and would like to participate in mcaucus, please join the party by contacting your nearest provincial or territorial NDP office, and then apply to mcaucus as per the instruction above. You may also join the NDP by filing an electronic application at www.ndp.ca/join.